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Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster celebrates timeless beauty and elegance.

Venetian plaster is a contemporary term that describes an ancient method of applying a stuccoed surface coating for walls. Venetian plaster is cement made from fired limestone or marble dust mixed with water. As the surface is polished after application, it develops a finish that has the look of marble. A professional painter can use this finish to create a glossy shine on your walls. If you're interested in a contemporary elegant or ancient Roman look for your home, then Venetian Plaster may be perfect for you.

Venetian Plaster technique can be complicated for an amateur painter as the final product should display a two-tone look to prevent your walls from looking flat - and a faulty application can ruin the proper effect. Venetian plaster is a real art, each layer of coating is applied by hand, which requires the proper technique and expertise to work with a specific colour. At TTC painting, we are experienced, Venetian experts who know how it's perfectly done. Over the years, we've learned many tricks, and know-how to achieve the desired results at an affordable cost. We respect our clients too much to overcharge on this process – and are dedicated to saving you more than our competitors ever could. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.